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Bylany - essential database

Petr Květina, Ivan Pavlů, Markéta Končelová

The database is provided upon request: koncelova @ arup.cas.cz

kvetina @ arup.cas.cz



If you want to download the whole database...

You are asked to contact the administrator and send him a short description of your research aims with the Bylany data (kvetina @ arup.cas.cz ).

You are obliged to read and respect the License agreement.

Do not forget you also need to become familiarized with the metadata manual.


Do you want to cite the database or manual?

Květina, P. - Pavlů, I. 2007: Neolitické sídliště v Bylanech – základní databáze / Neolithic settlement at Bylany – Essential database. Praha: Archeologický ústav. ISBN 978-80-86124-67-4


License agreement

The authors of “Neolitické sídliště v Bylanech - základní databáze (Neolithic Settlement at Bylany – Essential Database), hereinafter the “authors”, declare that the content of this CD entitled „Neolitické sídliště v Bylanech - základní databáze“ (hereinafter referred to as Neolithic Settlement at Bylany – Essential Database) is a copyrighted work pursuant to Act No. 121/2000 Coll. and is afforded the full protection of this law. By opening this copyrighted CD (at the latest by the time it is used for the first time), the authors and user explicitly agree with the license provisions set forth below and conclude this license agreement:

  1. By means of this agreement and upon the fulfilment of additional conditions established in this agreement, the authors of this work grant the user the right to use Neolithic Settlement at Bylany – Essential Database (hereinafter the “work”) for the purpose of becoming acquainted with its content in the ensuing manner and for the standard use of this content (hereinafter also "license"). The authorization provided to the user is not exclusive. The user is expressly forbidden to copy, distribute, rent, lend or exhibit or share the work with the public. The license is provided for a fee.
  2. The user shall bear in mind that it is not authorized to make, or enable any third party to make changes to the work, i.e. the user is not permitted to modify or change the work or parts thereof. All rights to change or modify the work pertain exclusively to the authors and any intervention to the work made by the user or a third party can be considered as an infringement on the copyrights and other rights held by the authors. The user and authors likewise agree that the user is not entitled, without the consent of the authors, to grant a “sub-license” to any third party.
  3. The user undertakes to inform the authors about works that were created or processed with the help of the data contained in the work. In such cases the user is also required to list this work as a source.

Authors of the work: P. Květina, I. Pavlů, M. Končelová

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